Ancient Oceans

  Ancient Oceans
          Take a journey into the past across Ancient Oceans. There is enchantment above and below the waves. Mystery and Ancient wisdom await. Haunting melodies, lyrics, and gentle ballads transform your imagination and open your senses to possible past lives. Whale, Dolphin, and Ocean sounds enhance the composition throughout the entire CD. Amazing! 
        Daniel Wheeler's natural and synthesized textures, and graceful melodies create the perfect setting for relaxation and creative visualization. Ancient Oceans is a story of life, as seen through the eyes and perceived through the senses of Humans, Dolphins, Whales, and Ocean Creatures, it reflects images of Oceans and Seas, of Seafarers, Whales, Dolphins, and  Poets. Ancient Oceans transcends time, awakens our imaginations, and connects us with the creatures
and oceans of the earth, teaming with life and purpose! Price: $10.00 USD Plus shipping


Recorded in 2007 at Horizon Productions Studio West, it was not released until 2008 when the album was featured for sale at The Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach California, and the San Vicente Interpretive Center, Palos Verdes, California. Because of the album’s Whale, Dolphin, and Ocean themes it became an instant success.  “Ancient Oceans” can be classified as a concept album because of its unique theme and storytelling quality. Track three “Dive Deep” was composed in 1995 by Daniel Wheeler, and found its home after 12 years as the inspiration for this album. Ancient Oceans was composed by Daniel Wheeler and Produced by Horizon Productions, with Cover Graphics provided by artist and visionary Laura Walthers. All music and contents copyrighted 2007 Daniel Wheeler/Horizon Productions.





Concept/Easy Listening






Horizon Productions


Daniel Wheeler/Horizon Productions

Track listing

All music composed by Daniel Wheeler. The Web page is loading all of the music files below and this may take
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 Thank you for your patience and I hope that you enjoy the samples!  
(To listen to a sample of the track: Click on the player start arrow to the left of the music title.)

  1.  "Dolphinea"  (4:37)   
  2.  "Song of the Sea” (3:45)    
  3.  "Dive Deep" (My Little Ones) (4:21)    
  4.  "Dolphin Dreams” (3:21)    
  5.  "Return to Atlantis” (3:06)    
  6.  "Drakkar” (Dragon Ships) (3:59)    
  7.  "Whale’s Lament (3:41)    
  8.  "North Sea” (2:44)    
  9.  "Calmer Seas” (4:54)    
  10.  "Orca Tears” (2:51)    
  11.  "A Dolphin’s Prayer” (2:42)    
  12.  "Ancient Oceans” (3:11)     (Full Version)

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