International Recording Artist, Composer, and Hypnotherapist Daniel Wheeler's haunting themes, graceful melodies, and warm, natural and synthesized sound combinations create the perfect setting for relaxation and meditation. Great for therapy, hypnosis, creative visualization, relaxation, meditation, massage therapy, reiki, music therapy, or whenever a soothing, relaxing, audio background is desired! Combining angelic choral voices, soft strings, and light piano, and mesmerizing chimes, Daniel has compiled a collection of several original musical movements from his highly requested hypnosis and creative visualization sessions. Price: $9.00 USD Plus shipping

Recorded in 2004 at Horizon Productions Studio West and released in 2005, the music score “Ascension” was first composed by Daniel Wheeler as the background arrangement for Hypnotherapist Marg Haynes's  self-hypnosis Compact disc titled “Peace”. This was a collaborative project with  Marg Haynes, Founder and Executive Director of Sky Gamma Healing Center, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who supplied and  performed the spoken vocals. After many requests from other therapeutic and alternative health care providers for background music to use with their clients, the album “Ascension” was composed featuring a trimmed down version of the title song and three additional tracks formatted for use as background music for hypnosis, creative visualization, relaxation, meditation, massage therapy, reiki, music therapy, or whenever someone desires to create a peaceful and inviting environment.   Copyright 2005 Daniel Wheeler/Horizon Productions.










Horizon Productions


Daniel Wheeler/Horizon Productions

Track listing

All music composed by Daniel Wheeler. The Web page is loading all of the music files below and this may take
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 Thank you for your patience and I hope that you enjoy the samples!  
(To listen to a sample of the track: Click on the player start arrow to the left of the music title.)


1.      "The Induction"  (13:44)

2.     "The Deepening” (11:24)

3.     "The Journey" (12:45)

4.   "The Ascension” (13:06)

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