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          Daniel Wheeler is the  founder and executive director of Horizon Consulting and Productions, with over 25 years experience as a management professional. He is also an Author, an Independent Book Marketing Specialist, a registered and certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Lecturer, Writer, Published Composer, and an International Recording Artist. He is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the Alberta Hypnosis Society, and The International Hypnosis Federation. He is recognized as a Stage and Media personality. Daniel is also a Fellow with The American Society for Psychical Research, The Independent Book Marketing Group, and the Southwest Manuscripters. Daniel is certified in advanced clinical hypnotherapy techniques, Time Line Therapy (TM), and Regression Therapy.  Daniel is a certified Reiki Practitioner
.  He is certified as a Spiritual Hypnotherapy Specialist. As a former Community Volunteer, Daniel was also Certified as an Instructor for the Getting Out By Going In Non-Profit Organization for at risk men, women, and children and has held the title of  Corporate Dean of Studies for the Nationwide GOGI Campus projects. He  has also served on their Board of Advisors. He is currently retired from active membership.

Daniel is acclaimed as a dynamic presenter on topics ranging from personal growth, self-hypnosis, intuitive training, career motivation, and professional growth. His unique style is very informative and entertaining. An accomplished musician and composer, Daniel has blended haunting themes, graceful melodies, and warm, natural, and synthesized sound combinations to create the perfect setting for relaxation and meditation through his compositions. Utilizing these inspired tools he has opened up a portal to the senses to practice Creative Visualization and Hypnotherapy Techniques. Daniel has recorded and published fourteen meditation and music compact discs available in several countries.

Daniel Wheeler has over sixteen years experience as a Hypnotherapist, certified in advanced hypnotherapy techniques, Time Line Therapy™, and regression therapy. Specializing in weight loss and smoking cessation programs with a better than 90% success rate. Acknowledged as an expert in the area of “Re-inventing one’s self through self-hypnosis”, through group and individual programs and workshops. Daniel Provides individual and Group hypnotherapy and self-help services for vocational purposes. He conducts workshops and seminars on personal growth, career motivation, professional growth, and book self-publishing, and marketing techniques.  He conducts personal and group Reiki training and services, and  intuitive training workshops. Daniel also lectures at various health and wellness expos on a variety of subjects.

Daniel 0n occasion provides voice-overs and background music compositions. He has  produced   fourteen original meditation, easy listening, and hypnotherapy compact discs. Produced various compact disc recordings for counselors and self-help practitioners i.e., Yoga, Reiki practitioners, and Hypnotherapists . As an international recording artist, Daniel produced and distributed music compact discs in the United States, Canada, and Japan.  He performs live music for entertainment at various locations and venues.

Notable Accomplishments

Created, produced, and distributed an on-line monthly hypnosis newsletter for self-help practitioners and professionals.  Authored and had published articles on “Re-inventing Yourself through Self-hypnosis”, and “Incorporating Music into your Hypnotherapy Sessions” “A guide for hypnotherapists and alternative health care professionals August 20, 2007” in the International Hypnosis Federation quarterly news magazine.  “Recreating from the Inside” in the Personal Development Network newsletter February 2006. Authored the small business manual, “Clinical Hypnotherapy as a Profession” “Starting, Maintaining, and Growing Your Hypnosis Business”, a workshop guide and supplement 2008. Lectured and conducted the workshop: “Reinventing yourself through Self-hypnosis” at the Whole Life Expo Los Angeles, Ca, January 2004, The Body Mind, Spirit Expo Santa Monica CA, February 2005, and in Pasadena CA, April 2005. Conduct reinventing yourself workshops throughout Southern California.  Conducted a workshop and was interviewed on the subject of “Music Therapy” at the Manifesting the Miracle Empowerment weekend conference and meet the presenters Tele-seminar February 2006, in Torrance CA.  Conducts weight loss and smoking cessation workshops throughout Southern California.  As a former Community Volunteer Daniel was also Certified as an Instructor (retired)  for the Getting Out By Going In Non-Profit Organization for at risk men, women, and children, and he has teached tools for prisoner reform and self-awareness in an effort to reduce recidivism, with a success rate of nearly 93%. Daniel is also the author of  the book: "Grief and Grieving" "Understanding the Grief and Grieving Process".

Daniel has composed and performed live and on Compact disc several musical album compositions including “Ancient Oceans” available at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific and the San Vicente Interpretive Center, as well as several other locations in Southern California. Composed and produced “Ascension” as a meditation and background medium for therapists and wellness practitioners, for distribution in Canada and the United States. He also has composed and produced fourteen original compact discs for sale and distribution, as well as background scores for DVD media. Daniel’s music is featured on the Reiki DVD “Namaste” by renowned Reiki and Yoga Master Dr.Kathy Kangarloo.  Daniel has recently completed a collaborative effort with Laura Walthers on a Children's Story on Compact Disc, "Larimer and the Fairies, A Bedtime Story" composing and recording the background music score and special sound effects. The compact disc is to be released in September 2010.  Daniel is recognized as a stage and media personality by the International Hypnosis Federation. Visit Daniel's Discography page for a listing of audio and video recordings, compact discs, video productions,  and collaborations, that feature Daniel's compositions and performances.


Independent Book Marketing Group, American Board of Hypnotherapy, The International Hypnosis Federation, The Alberta Hypnosis Society, The American Society for Psychical Research, Southwest Manuscripters, Universal Life Church as an Ordained Minister.

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