Dolphin Dreams

  Dolphin Dreams

     To see a Dolphin in your dream symbolizes spiritual guidance and emotional trust. It suggests that a line of communication has been established between the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Dolphins represent your willingness and ability to explore and navigate through your emotions. It is the journey of the heart opening. This state of the open heart is the Dolphin's very essence, the way in which they consciously and mindfully live.  Let the music stimulate your imagination and surround your senses. Connect with that part of you that is universal love and invite the Dolphins to dream with you! 
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Recorded in February 2008 and released the same year, in response to requests from alternative healthcare providers for music from the “Ancient Oceans” album to be used as background music for meditation and relaxation.  Daniel Wheeler has combined natural Dolphin and Ocean sounds, with Light Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Gentle Chimes, and Soft Strings, to create the perfect setting for relaxation and meditation. Several tracks from “Ancient Oceans” were remixed and music added to the tracks to lengthen the scores and to create a variation on the theme. “Track one and six are new compositions. Because of the album’s additional track lengths this album contains six long play tracks and is classified in the meditation and relaxation genre. All music and contents copyrighted 2007 Daniel Wheeler/Horizon Productions.










Horizon Productions


Daniel Wheeler/Horizon Productions


Track listing

All music composed by Daniel Wheeler. The Web page is loading all of the music files below and this may take
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 Thank you for your patience and I hope that you enjoy the samples!  
(To listen to a sample of the track: Click on the player start arrow to the left of the music title.)

  1.  "Dolphin Dreams II "
  2.  "A Dolphin’s Prayer” (Variation)
  3.  "Dolphin Tears"
  4.  "Song of the Sea” (Variation)
  5.  "Dolphin Bliss”
  6.  "Dolphinea”

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