Forest Dreams

  Forest Dreams 
     Somewhere between what we imagine and we percieves, there is a place where we dare to dream. A secret, mystic place full of enchantment, mystery, and romance. A place deep within us all.   Daniel Wheelers graceful melodies and warm, natural sound combinations create the perfect setting for relaxation and meditation. Combining original composed rhythms and melodies, with environmental sounds, such as,  Bird Songs, Gentle Streams, Rain,  and Forest sounds enhance the compositions.
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Recorded between 2000 and 2001 and released in 2002, Forest Dreams was a two year project and Daniel Wheeler’s first recorded album for sale and distribution. The environmental sounds, birds, wind, rain, thunder, streams, and other nature sounds, were recorded in various field locations using a Marantz four track stereo field cassette recorder, which took Daniel to some very remote and isolated places to record the sounds. Daniel spent many patient hours through  changing weather, environmental, and atmospheric conditions to bring the recordings from the field to the studio. The music compositions were then written to reflect the environmental sounds gathered, rather than adding the background sounds behind the music  score, after the music  is composed, as is customary. The result is a uniquely engaging and totally immersing audio experience. The insight for the compositions were born through Daniel’s experiences in the field and through the creative visualization process. The album was then Digitally Mastered and mixed down at Horizon Productions Studio West, and released as the compact disc, “Forest Dreams”, and can be classified in the easy listening genre. The cover image was changed in 2008 and the album was re-released that same year. All music and contents copyright 2002 Daniel Wheeler.






Easy Listening/Relaxation




Horizon Productions


Daniel Wheeler/Horizon Productions


Track listing

All music composed by Daniel Wheeler. The Web page is loading all of the music files below and this may take
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 Thank you for your patience and I hope that you enjoy the samples!  
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1.     "First Light"  (3:36)

2.   "Morning Stream” (2:23)

3.    "Forest Temple" (3:38)

4.    "Into the Woods” (3:39)

5.    "Country Meadow” (2:37)

6.   "Afternoon Rain” (4:00)

7.    "Evening Breeze” (3:34)

8.  "Enchanted Forest” (4:16)

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