World Beat

  World Beat

        Through out the ages in all parts of the world, we have expressed ourselves through song and rhythm. Tapping that inner part of ourselves. Reaching out to the rhythm of the universe. Becoming one voice... universal. Combining ethnic rhythms, melodies, and sounds from around the world to create the perfect setting for percussion accompaniment and listening enjoyment. Sit back and enjoy, or play-along with the many percussion instruments and sounds that unfold before you.
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Recorded in 2003  at Horizon Productions Studio West, Singer/Songwriter Daniel Wheeler was asked to create a play-along compact disc comprised  of different style percussion sounds, drums, musical instruments, and rhythms, for drummers to hone their skills. Created for the student and the novice to play-along with and enjoyment, as well as for use during drum circles and other settings where percussion sounds are desired. Drawing from the many and diversified instruments and sounds from around the globe, this collection of compositions was born. Daniel's synthesized textures and graceful rhythms create the perfect setting for percussion acompaniment and listening enjoyment. Combining ethnic rhythms and sounds from around the world, this compact disc will take you on a unique voyage and unlock your own bio-rhythmic patterns, creating an arena in which to explore and play.  “World Beat” can be classified as a concept and easy listening album because of its unique ability entertain and transform the listener into a participant.   All music and contents copyrighted 2003 Daniel Wheeler/Horizon Productions.




Concept/Easy Listening






Horizon Productions


Daniel Wheeler/Horizon Productions

Track listing

All music composed by Daniel Wheeler. The Web page is loading all of the music files below and this may take
up to a minute before all tracks are loaded.
 Thank you for your patience and I hope that you enjoy the samples!  
(To listen to a sample of the track: Click on the player start arrow to the left of the music title.)

  1.  "Rain Dance"  (2:45)   
  2.  "Shogun Moon” (4:09)    
  3.  "Carnivale" (3:39)    
  4.  "Dream Dance” (4:00)    
  5.  "Kongs Cave” (4:17)    
  6.  "Silk Road" (4:50)    
  7.  "South of Tijuana" (3:36)    
  8.  "Serengeti Swing” (4:05)    

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